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American Idol Live: Stefano Langone versus Lauren Alaina

Posted by on April 21, 2011 at 7:47 PM EST

lauren alaina american idol 2011Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina all have the possibility of being eliminated from American Idol tonight (Aprile 21, 2011).

After what was one of the stranger, wilder nights on American Idol we go into tonight’s live results show with the threat that just about everyone is in danger. Here is my prediction on how it will all play out. As of right now I think those that are in the most danger are: Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams and both girls Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina.

Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart face double jeopardy because they are judged on their singing ability and just being girls causes them to have a target on their backs. Haley was good this week so I think of the two she is likely the one that is the safest.

When it comes to the guys I think all three are equally in danger of being in the bottom three. Stefano Langone is always there and seems to escape week in and week out. Jacob Lusk was there a few weeks ago and survived it. That was the week he preached to the audience and since then he has kept his mouth shut and just focused on his singing. However, the singing this week wasn’t that great. Casey Abrams was voted out once already. I think some people will have mixed reactions to his kissing Jennifer Lopez this week. Some will find it funny, cute and enduring and others will see it as disrespectful. She blushed and seemed to enjoy the attention. I didn’t get any hint at all that she was the slightest bit angry about it.

Of these five I think the bottom three will end up being Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Stefano Langone. Stefano will ride the wave of tween girls with crushes to safety. Lauren will survive and it will be Jacob’s time to go home.

Tune into American Idol tonight at 8PM on FOX to find out who does make it to the bottom three and who is sent home. Also tonight we see the return of former American Idol champ David Cook and a Katy Perry will be performing as well.



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