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Charlie Sheen The MaSheen iTunes App Review

Posted by on April 21, 2011 at 1:10 PM EST

charlie shene itunesCharlie Sheen’s app for the iPhone is now live and goes by the name of The MaSheen.

The MaSheen? Did Apple really let Charlie Sheen release an app into iTunes? Dear god the world really is coming to an end. Charlie took to his Twitter account this morning with the tweet “great news, world; my new app is finally up and running. it’s epic! #MaSheen the others are ALL FAKE! this one I designed. your welcome” letting everyone know that his Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod app was now live. According to the Apple store, it launched on April 15, 2011, regardless of the date, it is available today. So what exactly do you get with The MaSheen app and is it worth $2.99?

Well, all of you fans of Charlie Sheen will love The MaSheen app as it chock full of Charlie’s antics. Do I recommend you pay $2.99 and download it; sure why not? Anyways here is a quick little preview of what you can expect:

  • Mind Torpedos – Fancy artwork to go along with some of Charlie’s infamous phrases.
  • Fast Balls of Truth – Some pretty damn funny videos, definitely entertaining.
  • Warlock Gear – Want to buy some Charlie Sheen gear? This feature links you to a store where you can buy random Sheen crap.

There are a couple other features but I will let you all download Charlie Sheen’s new Apple app entitled “The MaSheen” and experience it for yourself. [visit the Official Charlie Sheen Site for download details]



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