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The Situation’s Ego Too Big for 2010 Dancing With The Stars On ABC?

Posted by on September 15, 2010 at 9:09 PM EST

dancing with the stars the situationThe Situation’s Ego Too Big for 2010 Dancing With The Stars On ABC?

It is looking like The Situation might be already getting an inflated ego and his role on Dancing With The Stars hasn’t even begun. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, as witnessed by anyone who has seen the Jersey Shore, has never lacked in self-confidence, but since he has become one of the breakout stars of that show and now has a coveted spot on Dancing With The Stars, The Situation’s love of himself seems to be going to a whole new level.

The Situation’s swollen head syndrome started showing up over the weekend at an after party for the MTV VMA’s. Sorrentino and his Jersey Shore cast mates attended the same party. While the rest of the Jersey Shore crew hung out together and saved Sorrentino a seat, he snubbed them so that he could work the room and hit on models. This might just be The Situation trying to pick up girls, but it was reported that he told people he is the biggest star on the show. He does have several endorsements and products in the pipe and is set to make more money than his fellow cast mates, but is the show as popular without Snookie? Probably not.

The final proof that The Situation has gone Hollywood and thinks he is an A-list star came when a company contacted Sorrentino with interest of him promoting/endorsing their product. It is reported that The Situation demanded $500,000 to do this. The company laughed him off the phone. They have said that they “wouldn’t give that much money to reality star Kim Kardashian.” Sorrentino’s manager responded that, The Situation is much larger than Kim Kardashian,” which the company in question reportedly also laughed at.

If The Situation is already this self-absorbed, imagine what he will be like if he survives a few rounds of Dancing With The Stars. I long for the days when people were famous for a reason. It used to be that in order to famous he had to have some kind of talent. You had to sing, act, be an athlete or have accomplished something. Those days are gone. Now you can be famous just for being an idiot. Anytime anyone aspires to be like Kim Kardashian (who, let’s not forget, first got famous for a sex tape and a spot in Playboy) it is a sad sign that the society has a real situation.

Catch the 2010 Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere when it airs next Monday, September 20th at 8/7c on ABC.



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