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Survivor Nicaragua Premieres Tonight on CBS with Jimmy Johnson

Posted by on September 15, 2010 at 5:20 PM EST

survivor nicaraguaSurvivor Nicaragua premieres tonight on CBS with Jimmy Johnson.

The new season of Survivor Nicaragua kicks off tonight on CBS with a couple of interesting twists that are sure to make it worth watching. For starters, this season, as in most seasons, the cast will be separated into two tribes at the beginning. The catch is that this season the tribes will be separated by age with the older castaways in one tribe and the younger in another. It is being billed as a battle of wisdom Vs enthusiasm. Right at the beginning of the show Survivor host Jeff Probst tells all the castaways that there is a hidden medallion on the beach. Whoever finds it claims it for their entire tribe. He gives no real detail about what exactly it does, but tells them it will aid them greatly in immunity challenges.

With the medallion in play we are sure to see scrambling right from the start. Right in the middle of all this madness is former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach and current ESPN football commentator Jimmy Johnson. Johnson won two Super Bowls with the Cowboys and a National Championship as the coach of the Miami Hurricanes. He is a Hall of Fame coach, but does he have what it takes to survive in the jungle?

Whether he wins or not, Survivor has already saved Johnson’s life – literally. Johnson’s journey to Survivor’s jungle is a long, interesting one filled with some scary moments. Johnson has said he always wanted to do something crazy like this. He is a long time fan of the show, but his obligations as a coach always kept him from being able to pursue it. Now retired from coaching, Johnson actually applied three times to the show before making it to the show. The first time he was flat out rejected. The second time he was accepted. During the pre-show physical he was told that he had a serious heart condition. He was taken immediately to the hospital where he underwent heart surgery and had a stint implanted in one of the vessels near his heart. He was unaware of his heart trouble and has said that had the doctors on the show not caught it, he would not have known about it and would have ended up having a heart attack.

Now healed and fully recovered from his heart trouble, Jimmy Johnson applied again and was accepted. Starting tonight he will be marooned with 19 other players in Nicaragua. Will Johnson’s ability to lead and inspire people help him lead his team and motivate them to wins? Or will his sometimes larger than life personality hurt him. Leaders in the game of Survivor tend to not last long. Can Jimmy Johnson, now 67 years old, hold his own against the younger competitors? Johnson is being tight lipped about how well he did on the show saying only that it was the hardest thing he has ever done.

This season Survivor airs on its new night, Wednesdays, starting tonight. I get the feeling about episode three Jimmy Johnson will wish he had Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith in his tribe.

Be sure to catch Survivor Nicaragua when it airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.



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