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Odds of Kate Leaving William at the Altar

Posted by on April 19, 2011 at 4:27 PM EST

royal wedding oddsWhat are the odds that Kate Middleton leaves Prince William at the altar?

Online gambling sites have eagerly latched onto the Prince William and Kate Middleton craze, and there are some pretty zany scenarios that have been thought up. Like the odds of Kate leaving William at the altar…currently, it seems like most gambling sites find this to be an unlikely situation, putting odds of this happening at the Royal Wedding 100/1.

But wouldn’t it be funny if Kate Middleton did? Let’s think about it. Being married to a prince isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and personally, I think Kate is way hotter than William. William, being of blue blood, probably has a superiority complex, and is unlikely to pander to Kate’s every whim. Kate COULD get some weird revelation and peace out on the big day (but honestly, pigs will probably fly first!)

Online gambling site Bodog also has many Royal Wedding bets going, including the odds of someone dropping a ring. Currently, the odds of this happening are 25/1. An event as big as the Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding is unlikely to have major blunders. Still, people get nervous. Things happen. And that’s why many are willing to put money on the table about the seemingly unlikeliest of events!

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