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Miley Cyrus Nude Countdown

Posted by on April 19, 2011 at 12:29 PM EST

miley cyrus nudeHow long until Miley Cyrus nude photos surface?

3 weeks. That’s my estimate for how much longer it will be until Miley Cyrus nudes are leaked online (by none other than Miley Cyrus, in all likelihood)! Since Miley’s return to Twitter (all for Charlie Sheen, of course), Miley has posted a seductive photo that shows the star in pigtails. The pic is a classic Myspace shot (taken from above) that also shows off the singer’s latest tattoo-a dreamcatcher, that Cyrus got earlier this year. Miley claims that each feather on the tattoo is representative of a sibling.

So is the pic truly scandalous? In all fairness, it isn’t. While Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing a bra, she was probably in the comfort of her own home when the pic was taken, and she IS 18 years old. One word to sum up the Twitter pic accurately would probably be “coy.” Right now, Miley is keeping things safe, and not Lohan pornographic, which I think is a good move for the star.

In related news, Miley Cyrus will soon set sail on her Gypsy Heart tour, where she will be traveling all the way to Australia and South America (where she will hopefully be brushing up on her Spanish!)



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