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Mark Ballas the Chick Magnet

Posted by on April 18, 2011 at 7:41 PM EST

mark ballas dwtsMark Ballas and the other DWTS male dancers appear to be chick magnets!

When it comes to sex appeal on Dancing with the Stars they tend to focus on the women. They talk about who is cast as that season’s babe and who wore what skimpy, sexy outfit. The female pro dancers get in on the action by often dressing sexy and showing off their fit dancer’s bodies. However, based on some interviews I have seen lately and some stories I have read lately it seems like it might be the guy pro dancers who are getting the most attention off screen.

Mark Ballas has been at the center of attention this season. First there was speculation that he and Chelsea Kane were dating. After releasing a sexy music video for his song that showed him and Chelsea in bed and in some very romantic moments the rumors ran wild. Chelsea announced that she has a boyfriend and it put an end to that rumor – to some extent at least. Then he was seen out with recent American Idol castoff PiaToscano. He has confirmed that they have gone out a few times. It seems like Mark is in demand with the ladies

Mark is not the only one. In the past DWTS pro Derek Hough dated his season 6 partner Shannon Elizabeth and there were rumors that Maksim Chmerkovskiy was dating his partner Erin Andrews. Women around world seem to love the male dancers.

When you think about it, it makes sense. The guys are in good shape, are handsome and they are great dancers. One complaint many women have is that their boyfriends/husband don’t take them dancing or won’t dance with them. That is no problem here. With an audience that skews heavily female, Dancing with the Stars knows what it is doing by casting these guys. They are quietly shown as the ultimate guy who can dance, has great looks and is always supportive of his partner.

While the pro men on DWTS are undoubtedly very busy teaching their partner and coming up with new routines each week, I have a feeling they are spending a good amount of turning down the droves of women who are no doubt pursuing them like lionesses on the prowl. When it comes to dating, it appears being a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars should be added to the list of rock star, movie star and jet fighter pilot as a sure fire way to have droves of women throwing themselves at you.



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