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Chelsea Kane versus Petra Nemcova

Posted by on April 18, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

chelsea kane week 5Chelsea Kane and Petra Nemcova bring sexy to ballroom dancing tonight on Dancing With The Stars 2011.

I’m pretty confident when the Dancing with the Stars judges put the cast together they didn’t cast Chelsea Kane as the “hot girl.” I have a feeling she was intended to be more of the “girl next door.” However she and Petra Nemcova have emerged over the last few weeks as the hotties of the show and I would imagine the producers are very happy with how things have turned out.

Chelsea Kane was a pretty unknown actress who stared in kids TV shows on the Disney network before joining the cast of DWTS. To me she is the dancer who has gained the most so far this season. Every now and then a dancer steps up and really benefits from their exposure on the show and I think she is one of those people. At the beginning of the season she was the cute girl who was in the middle of the pack, but as the weeks went on she not only proved herself to be sexy, but she showed herself to be fun, goofy and a seemingly very nice person. She is the rare hot girl on the show that I think the female viewers like. If she keeps going as she has been she is a real threat to win the trophy and she might just parlay this show into something much bigger career wise.

When Petra Nemcova was cast on Dancing with the Stars everyone knew she was beautiful. Many also knew her story of survival and felt she was a good fit for the show. Right out the gate she struggled. Her body still had issues from the injuries she suffered in the tsunami and she also found herself having trouble learning some of the dance moves. Her height and long legs made some of the moves awkward and she struggled in the middle and lower end of the pack. Then Petra Nemcova and her partner Dmitry Chaplin figured some things out and came up with a way to work that did the trick. Her scores started to improve and she has wowed the judges. With her confidence back she let that inner beauty shine. Suddenly Petra finds herself a legitimate contender.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC for the live DWTS performance show and find out what Chelsea Kane and Petra Nemcova have in store for us this week.



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