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Gary Busey Turns a Tornado Into a Rainbow

Posted by on April 18, 2011 at 11:58 AM EST

gary busey rainbowLast night (April 17, 2011) Gary Busey claimed he could turn a tornado into a rainbow on Celebrity Apprentice.

The newest episode of Celebrity Apprentice started off with Latoya Jackson presenting her winnings to her charity. She had a total of $65,000 to give them including then money from her teams win in the last challenge and her winning design of the hat in the art challenge. Later on in the episode we will find out that Gary Busey can turn a tornado into a rainbow!

After LaToya’s meeting Trump introduces the teams to the owners of Omaha Steaks. He tasks them with coming up with a live demonstration. They will have to create their own variety pack of meats and seafood from the Omaha line then cook it up in front of a live studio audience to show how easy it is to make.

The women picked Hope Dworaczyk simply because she hasn’t been a project manager before. The men pick Gary Busey hoping he will seal his own fate. As the teams split up the women do a pretty good job and getting their ideas rolling and putting together their presentation. Busey, on the other hand, is off in la la land. He is talking about kites and slaughtering techniques. The guys all agree to just do what he tells them to do so if this crashes and burns it is all on him. John Rich is convinced that Busey is a Celebrity Apprentice saboteur and that he knows exactly what he is doing and purposely waits until they get to the boardroom to focus. Busey, while talking to the camera, seems to play along with this idea, but he also seems confused by what a saboteur is.

Gary Busey immediately assigns Meat Loaf to be the chef without asking anyone about their abilities. As it turns out Meat Loaf is unsure of his cooking skill, but Lil Jon cooks all the time. When Ivanka Trump shows up at the men’s room the guys one by one pull her aside and beg her to help them get rid of Busey or at least take them with her so they can be away from him. They have him take responsibility for everything going so far as having him initial things he approves.

The women are working pretty well together. LaToya, as per normal, feels a little left out, but they are mostly worried that her voice is so soft she won’t be heard in the room. Otherwise the only complaint is by NeNe who complains that Star Jones does nothing but work on the graphics on the computer.

As the presentation deadline gets close the women play it a safe and they cook their food in advance. This will allow them focus on the presentation. The men are in complete disarray and will have to do the presentation live without a rehearsal.

During the live presentation the Celebrity Apprentice women do a very good job. All of them hit their marks and do well. The men’s presentation is a two man show. Meat Loaf cooks and does a great job explaining what he is doing and Gary Busey narrates. He talks about flying kites and feeling lustful and crying and all kinds of bizarre stuff.

In the boardroom the teams are told that the owners of the company liked them both and liked Meat Loaf the best. They even said they would hire him as a spokesperson. They wished the women had used their brand name more and they wished they had done more actual live cooking and they were a little freaked out by Gary. The women are announced as the winners.

After the women leave the team collapses onto Gary Busey. One by one they explain how hard it is to work with him. John Rich is pissed because Gary called him “boy” and Gary tries to say that he called him “Ka Boy” which is an inside name for the Dallas Cowboys. Meat Loaf is so upset he can barely talk. All the men say they like Gary, but that he is just impossible to work with. They also explain how every mistake that was made was his and the good stuff in their presentation was stuff they did without him. Trump eventually asks Gary who he would bring back into the room with him and he said he couldn’t decide that all three of them were great. Trump finally seems to realize his Celebrity Apprentice fun with Busey’s days are up and he can no longer justify leaving him on the show for the sake of good television. He says he thinks Busey is a genius and a great guy, but he fires him. Donald Trump Jr. says as they leave that he feels the men will be a very good team that is hard to beat now that Busey is gone.

Of course at the end of the episode, Gary Busey stated: “I can turn a thunderstorm and a tornado into a rainbow” which was freaking priceless!



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