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Rebecca Black Billboard Sign

Posted by on April 15, 2011 at 5:45 PM EST

rebecca black billboardRebecca Black is celebrating Friday (April 15, 2011) with her own brand new Billboard sign.

That’s right folks, the horrific singer turned YouTube internet superstar (Rebecca Black) now has her own giant billboard sign. In celebration of “Friday” hitting over 100 million views, Black went out and got herself super sized. Ryan Seacrest just posted this picture of Rebecca Black showing off her fancy new advertisement. I guess congratulations are in order, Black has taken pure crap and made it into a gold mine.

For those who want to, you can click on the Rebecca Black billboard sign picture to enlarge it. Remember it’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!! I still can’t believe the success this young girl has had despite the fact that she lacks talent. Anyways, congratulations Rebecca Black, I am sure the creepers out there will love looking at your 13-year-old mug on a daily basis.



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  1. i think Rebecca Black is hot…

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