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Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales

Posted by on April 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM EST

princess kate middletonKate Middleton is in for quite the overhaul on her name when she marries Prince William.

What will Kate Middleton’s last name be once she marries Prince William?  What is Prince William’s last name anyway?  Is it Windsor?  LOL. Going with the Michael Jackson way of thinking, is it William?  (Get it, Prince is his first name?) Okay, so maybe that was a bad joke.  But really. I’m sure I know.  We have always referred to the royals as Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and so on.

Prince William’s official name is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, royal knight companion of the noblest order of the Garter.  Really?  Really!  So where is the last name in that?  I’m still not clear after researching it.  When Prince William gets married, he will become a duke.  Duke of what?  No one knows yet.

Back to the subject at hand.  Once Kate Middleton says her I do’s, she’ll take his first name.  It will read like this:  Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.  That sucks.  She completely looses her identity.  What do you think he’ll call her after their married?  Princess Willy?  These royals need to get with the times if you ask me.  What if after they were married, he went by Prince William Middleton?  Gasp, what would the Queen say?   How do you think Kate really, honestly and truly, feels about all of this nonsense?  These rules and standards to live by are so old and outdated.  She’s a woman of today’s world.  Do you think she agrees with all of this?  Or do you think becoming the Queen one day has jaded her to all of that?



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