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Morning Robot: Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Posted by on April 15, 2011 at 11:02 AM EST

miley cyrus 2011Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all topping headlines this morning (April 15, 2011).

The three news subjects for today’s Morning Robot are always en vogue as far as headlines are concerned. First, we have Miley Cyrus, who recently opened up about her family life, which has been improving gradually. Miley also gushed about her upcoming Gypsy Heart tour. Next, we have bi-winning Charlie Sheen, whose tour continues to get mixed reviews. Yesterday, Sheen was in Canada, where he may have to pay a hefty fine. Speaking of bi-winning, our final topic is Catherine Zeta-Jones, who appears to be doing better after having been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

Miley Cyrus recently commented on feeling better since her family has been working through their issues. Her parents, who had been recently seeking divorce, have reunited, which is very comforting for Miley, as she is about to embark on her Gypsy Heart tour. The teen star will be touring Australia and South America-which may be a challenge, since Cyrus doesn’t speak Spanish. “I actually failed Spanish so I will have someone with me making sure I can get through my way,” admitted Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen performed in Toronto on Thursday night, where an inebriated crowd gave the performance mixed reviews. Charlie Sheen might have performed worse if he were deprived of cigarettes; he has been smoking onstage at almost every venue thus far. There are stringent anti-smoking laws in Toronto, so Sheen foiled the system through smoking an electronic cigarette.

Finally, things are looking up for Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has had a difficult journey, since seeking treatment for bi-polar disorder. It certainly appears that Catherine Zeta-Jones is doing fine, as she was spotted with her other half (Michael Douglas) at Pizza Post, in Greenwich, CT. One onlooker remarked that, “They looked great,” and that they were courteous to the dazzled spectators.



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