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John Mayer The Twitter Quitter

Posted by on September 15, 2010 at 4:18 PM EST

john mayer twitterJohn Mayer is officially a Twitter quitter after he walked away from his Social Networking account.

John Mayer has officially thrown in the towel. Don’t worry fans; he is not giving up his music career anytime soon, just his Twitter account. Mayer is just another celebrity that has decided he shall tweet no more.

What sparked John Mayer’s sudden urge to quit Twitter cold turkey? The award-winning singer songwriter was pretty much obsessed with his social networking account that had 3.5 million subscribers.

As Mayer’s Battle Studies tour wraps up, the celebrity has finally realized that when he heads back to the studio, he will need all of his attention directed towards making amazing music and not what he should tweet for the day.

While John Mayer has left behind some 3.5 million followers, I feel that his fans will remain loyal. For we have come to know John Mayer for his Grammy-award winning music, not his random tweets.

I honestly think that quitting Twitter is the best thing for John Mayer. It has obviously consumed entirely too much of his time and was indeed an addiction. Sources even speculate that Twitter was the reason John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston broke off their stint as a couple.

Like all addicts though, unless they are strong-willed and determined, they always return to their former addiction. The question here is will John Mayer un-retire his Twitter account?

Or will John Mayer feed his social networking addiction with a different fix? Rumors are already reporting that Mayer has signed up for a Tumblr account and is urging fans to follow him there.

Only time will tell what John Mayer plans on doing with his Twitter account her recently abandoned. In my opinion, he will be back, as Twitter was too much apart of his daily routine to just quit it cold turkey.

We wish John Mayer the best of luck in his career and look forward to the future release of more of his amazing music.



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