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Stefano Langone Eliminated!

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 7:47 PM EST

stefano langone eliminatedLet’s all hope that Stefano Langone is eliminated from American Idol tonight!

In a way you could argue that Sefano Langone is as much a part of what is wrong with American Idol as is their problem with having girl’s being voted off early. You might also argue that these are the things that might be right with the show.

There is now no secret that being a girl on American Idol is a dangerous. Over the last few seasons girls have regularly been voted out early in the competition. Girls are clearly an endangered species. It is easy to see why. The core of the American Idol audience is made up of teenage girls and their moms and girls won’t vote for girls. It isn’t just in American Idol; it is that way in just about every election we have. However, girls will vote early and often for a guy they think is good looking and that they have a crush on. Which brings us to the curious case of Stefano Langone.

Stefano Langone has been a staple in the bottom three pretty much since the top 12 were announced. Somehow he wriggles free from the hook and survives another week. Each week the judges gave him criticism on how to better connect with the audience and over time he has taken that information and used it to morph into a singer who now not only over-sings the songs, but over-acts them. It is like watching William Shatner sing. Yet he still hangs around week in and week out. How?

It isn’t the Vote for the Worst crew. They are busy backing Paul McDonald. That means it must be the teen girl contingent. For weeks Jennifer Lopez nearly tripped over herself to tell Stefano how good looking he was. She did everything but jump on stage and rip his clothes off. You know there are legions of teen girls who feel the same way and they are going to vote for him no matter how badly he does.

Is this bad? You could say yes and now. The show isn’t so much American Idol anymore as it is Teen Girl’s Idol. America isn’t picking the winners and losers, the American Idol audience is and that audience is heavily slanted female which is why poor singing, good looking guys survive and great singing, good looking girls don’t. If the audience were made up mostly of 40 year old men right now the cast would probably be flipped and the girls would be majority. There is also no shortage of people who are angry with the way the voting goes, but they themselves don’t vote. This is what is right about American Idol. It is interactive. If you like someone, you should vote for them or you risk them going home. If you don’t vote, those teen girls will and you will be subject to their whims.

Is it fair that the girls get sent packing early and the guys stick around because of this influx of teen girl voting? No. Is it just? Certainly. It is what the audience wants so that is what American Idol is going to give them. In the end that could cause the show to lose ratings as people get fed up and instead of voting for their favorites they just watch something else, but for now it is how the show has mutated and it likely won’t change any time soon. So when we ask ourselves “How the hell is Stefano Langone still on the show?” We need only look at the screaming girls in the front row as he sings and we know the answer.



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