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Jennifer Lopez Leeches off American Idol

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 7:31 PM EST

jennifer lopez american idolJennifer Lopez could care less about the American Idol contestants; it’s all about her career comeback!

American Idol was really a lifesaver for pop star Jennifer Lopez, who had somewhat vanished into obscurity before agreeing to be a judge on the show. Lopez was recently recognized by People Magazine as 2011’s Most Beautiful Person, and if it weren’t for American Idol, she probably wouldn’t have managed to gain this notoriety.

This isn’t to say that Jennifer Lopez lacks talent, or that she is undeserving in any way. But it’s fair to say that Idol was the big break that JLo needed to get back on top. And more power to her; at 41, Lopez is looking remarkably young and vibrant.

Besides being named People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Lopez has been working on her singing career. Her track “On the Floor” has become a huge hit, and it is reported that she will be performing at the Billboard Awards, along with Rihanna.

American Idol is one of the most popular programs on air nowadays, so it’s no surprise that the show plays a major part in the revamping of JLo’s career. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer Lopez agreed to stay on the show for many years in the future, as being a judge on there has really helped her out!



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