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The Office Season 7: Michael Scott versus DeAngelo Vickers

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 7:02 PM EST

will ferrellTonight’s (April 14, 2011) brand new episode of The Office Season 7 has Will Ferrell up against Steve Carell.

When Steve Carell (Michael Scott) announced that he was leaving his hit show The Office after this season (The Office Season 7) there was a mad scramble to find someone to replace him. There have been a lot of names throw around as possible replacements and one of those names Will Ferrell makes his debut on the show tonight.

Will Ferrell plays DeAngelo Vickers who is brought in to replace Steve Carell’s Michael Scott. DeAngelo is described by executive producer Paul Liebersein as a guy who is perfectly placed at a mid-level paper company in Scranton. He’s not the brightest guy all the time, but not an idiot although, at times, he can show a little idiocy. It sounds like Ferrell is the perfect guy for such a role.

While the producers of The Office Season 7 are playing it close to the vest it has been released the Will Ferrell will not be Steve Carell’s full time replacement. Ferrell will be around for a handful of episodes during the rest of this season then there will be some kind of “incident” that brings about his demise on the show. Who exactly will replace Carell full time is a very well-kept secret.

Steve Carell and Ferrell were hilarious together in Anchormen so we can hope that they are able to rekindle some of that magic on The Office Season 7. Call me crazy, but any time Will Ferrell puts a suit on, I start to laugh so I have a feeling his entrance and tenure on the show will be very well received.



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