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American Idol Top 8 Ratings: Casey Abrams Shaves, Haley Reinhart Fails

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 5:39 PM EST

casey abrams shavedMy performance ratings for last night’s “Movie Night” themed episode of American Idol 2011.

Last night the Top 8 American Idol contestants performed songs from the movies.  Here is a breakdown of the performances and what the judges thoughts. Keep in my these are my personal ratings and I don’t expect you all to agree on them!

Paul McDonald – Old Time Rock N Roll by Bob Segar. Judges liked it . Love his uniqueness. They said he gets better every week.  I thought it was a good song choice for him.  He’s not the strongest vocally, but he has a different sound that makes him stand out.

Lauren Alaina – The Climb by Miley Cyrus – the American Idol judges liked her. I thought she was blah 🙁

Stefano Langone – End Of The Road by Boyz II Men from the movie Boomerang – the judges liked it alot. Randy said it was his best vocal so far. It was alright. Yes, Stefano can sing, but too boring for me.

Scotty McCreery – was set out to sing Everybody’s Talkin’ About Me from the movie Midnight Cowboy – by Harry Nelson . Against the advice from the record producer, he changed to Across My Heart by George Strait. (At this point, I would have liked to see him sing the Midnight Cowboy song, but he still sounded great!) Randy said a star is born and that he a ginormous fan!

Casey Abrams – once again, he picked a song and the producer told him not to do it.  Thankfully, Casey didn’t listen to him.  Casey wanted to sing Nature Boy by Nat King Cole (a favorite song of mine).  The producer wanted him to sing In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Give Me A Break.  I’m so glad he didn’t listen to that jerk.  He got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.  He killed it.  Randy said he never had anyone on here like him before.  Told him he was brilliant and a genius.  He is the truest sense of an artist by doing what he wanted to do and not listen to others.

Haley Reinhart – Call Me by Blondie from American Gigalo by Debbie Harry – Randy Jackson didn’t like it, and said sounded too karaoke. Wasn’t showcase enough for her voice. Steven agreed with Randy, but loved her chorus and the pervert loved her dress. Jennifer Lopez didn’t like it either but is afraid to say anything negative because she doesn’t want any of the last two girls to go.

Jacob Lusk – he wanted to sing Impossible Dream from Pursuit of Happyness – or You’ll Never Walk Alone from Carousel.  The producer didn’t like either. He suggested Bridge Over Troubled Water from Pursuit of Happyness. I think he was the only contestant that actually listened to the producer’s advice. The American Idol judges liked him.

James Durbin – sang Heavy Metal – by Sammy Hager from the Heavy Metal movie.  He  performed with Zach Wylde- against better judgement of producer. Again, he rocked the stage and did an excellent job.  J.Lo loved it. Said he was really, really, real! She said American Idol can be anyone. Randy loved it. Hopes America can bring heavy metal back. “Outstanding” from Zack Wylde. Steven loved it too.

My prediction for bottom three for the American Idol top 8 are: Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and hate to say it, but Paul McDonald bottom three. Haley will go home.

My tops of the night, Casey no doubt!!!



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