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Charlie Sheen – Lost in La La Land!

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 4:55 PM EST

charlie sheenCharlie Sheen may be off drugs but the man is still lost in La La Land.

Warner Bros. have sent a letter to Charlie Sheen’s attorney requesting that he stop lying about getting back on “Two and Half Men.”  Charlie has been on the radio this week (I’m guessing he has no tour dates for the meantime to prepare for) and has been saying the discussions have been taking place with Warner Bros. about him coming back to the show.  Sheen states that there is an 85% chance of his return to the series.

Warner Bros. letter that was fired off to Charlie Sheen’s attorney states that the statements of his return or any discussions for that matter are completely false.  They claim that there are no discussions, nor will there be any discussions, regarding his involvement or return to the series.

What is he smoking?  This guy is legitimately nuts.  Isn’t there someone out there that is close to this guy that has any ounce of common sense and balls to set him on the right track?  Forget the two or three or however many Goddess’ Charlie Sheen has with him.  They don’t have a clue.  I’d love to know, has he completely shut off his family?  They have showed a bit of concern, but we haven’t seen any type of action taken on their part.   Is he not letting anyone tell him any different?

Charlie Sheen is twirling faster and faster into a downward spiral.  Could he ever recover from this?



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