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James Holzier (2011)

Posted by on April 13, 2011 at 7:10 PM EST

james holzierJames Holzier is an up and coming actor who is quickly rising to super stardom.

Who is James Holzier? James (29-years-old) is an up and coming actor whose name is already making its rounds in Hollywood. Holzier has three projects already in the works and comes from a very inspiring background. The uplifting actor was born to incredible odds, nearly died at a young age, in a bad burn accident – received zero scars, survived a fall off a roof, and to add more credentials…he had opportunities for instant stardom. James Holzier turned down a role in The Postman (1997) to honor prior commitments.

Just recently James Holzier was caught by paparazzi, shirtless! I am sure all of the teen girls out there will love this picture. Will James Holzier be the next Robert Pattinson? Keep an eye out for this young up and coming actor as he has already started to take Hollywood by storm.



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  1. Haha unlikely. This douche hasn’t ever been in anything. He just writes articles about himself like this one. What a joke.

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