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Lunch Robot: Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Oprah

Posted by on April 13, 2011 at 3:52 PM EST

charlie sheenJustin Bieber joins Charlie Sheen and Oprah in today’s celebrity news headlines.

It has been an eventful day for Justin Beiber, Charlie Sheen and Oprah. The three are in the headlines this afternoon for three very different reasons. I’ll quickly break down what in the world these crazy (Sheen) celebs have done now!

Justin Bieber went to Israel a few days in advanced of a big show he is doing on April 14th. The singer is known for his religious convictions and was looking forward to seeing and experiencing the holy land with his family, but it seems the paparazzi just won’t leave him alone and are ruining the trip. Justin took to his Twitter and mentioned that he wished the paps would give him a little more space so he could enjoy the experience with his family like a normal person.  He later vented that he was angry with them for taking pictures of him while in a place of prayer. After the bad experience with the paparazzi he tweeted that he would be spending the rest of the week in his hotel room. There were also rumors that he was scheduled to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but that the PM pulled out of the meeting once Justin Bieber refused to meet with injured kids in the area. Bieber’s camp denies that he turned away the kids and says that the meeting with Netanyahu was never finalized.

Charlie Sheen has been getting mixed reviews during his one man show tour. There are shows where he is cheered like a conquering hero and others where he is booed off the stage. But all the attention seems to be working. Sheen reported that he was not getting paid his share of the Two and a Half Men syndication money, but he also revealed during a radio interview that he was in discussions to return to the show. He now claims that had the producers come to him in advance and told him that his behavior outside the show was wasn’t cool he would have adjusted it. In other Charlie Sheen news during the interview he revealed that the movie Major League 3 is ready to shoot and that the script is fabulous.

Speaking of money, it is going to take a lot of it if you want to advertise on Oprah’s final show. The final Oprah show will air on May 25th and Oprah is demanding Super Bowl like rates for the ad spots. A 30 second commercial on that broadcast will cost you a cool $1 million. While that may seem like a lot of money (and it is) the Hollywood Reporter claims that it is less than it cost to air a commercial during the series finales of Friends and Seinfeld.

So this afternoon it looks like Charlie Sheen might be back to winning. Justin Bieber is losing his battle with the paparazzi and Oprah is still rolling in the dough.



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