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Kim Kardashian Is The Good Luck Charm Of Dallas Cowboy’s Miles Austin

Posted by on September 14, 2010 at 7:58 PM EST

kim kardashian nflKim Kardashian Is The Good Luck Charm Of Dallas Cowboy’s Miles Austin.

Kim Kardashian might just be the best thing that has happened to the NFL since they started wearing helmets. She seems to enjoy dating professional football players (Reggie Bush and Miles Austin) and those players seem to respond well to her. You might say, at this point, she is the anti-Jessica Simpson. Maybe there really is something to in the Karashian DNA that has a magical effect on professional athletes. Kim Kardashian is often atop many pro football players’ hottest girls lists, but for those lucky enough to actually get up close and personal, i.e. Miles Austin, they seem to find out that Kim’s touch appears to work magic. The proof is on the field. If you are hooking up with Kim, then you are also hooking up on the field and scoring touchdowns. At this point she might be the best thing to happen to the NFL since they started wearing helmets.

Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears, over/under 41 1/2

Jessica Simpson dated Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo for a while and it seemed that during most of the time they dated Romo struggled on the field. The camera loved Simpson as she sat in the stands often wearing a pink Romo jersey and cheered her man on. A fun drinking game could have been made out of it. You take a shot every time the camera show Jessica Simpson during a Cowboy’s game. During most games you would be hammered.

There are many reports that some of Romo’s teammates and coaches thought she was a distraction to him, especially as they made a run into the playoffs. After Tony Romo bobbled a snap in Seattle that sent the Cowboy’s home, there was speculation that his concentration was lacking because he was in Mexico with Jessica Simpson just a few days before the big game. In the matter of a few months Simpson went from being a welcome, pretty sight in the Cowboy stands to being public enemy number one.

But there are no such rumors about Kim Kardashian. She dated Reggie Bush for a while and all he did was become one of the most explosive, fun to watch in the open field, running backs in the league. He was a major part of the New Orleans Saints march to a Super Bowl in over the Indianapolis Colts.

Now Kim Kardashian is dating Miles Austin, a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. While there are no doubt rumblings and grumblings in Dallas that they have seen this movie before and know how it ends, she also seems to be a good influence on him. He had a great training camp, just signed a new long term contract and while his team lost on Sunday night he had 10 catches for 146 yards and a touchdown with only one dropped pass.

It has often been said that Kim Kardashian’s ass has magical, hypnotic powers. Maybe, just maybe it strikes a chord with NFL players and helps get them in the zone that allows them to perform at their best on the field. If Miles Austin continues to tear it up, I have a feeling Jerry Jones will be calling the rest of Kardashians and moving them to Dallas pronto.

Breakdown of this Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears game from BetUS

Dallas Cowboys -8½ (-110)

Chicago Bears +8½ (-110)



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