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Royal Gossip – King William and Queen Kate

Posted by on April 13, 2011 at 1:27 PM EST

kate middletonPrince William for King and Kate Middleton for Queen?

Will Prince William be the next heir to the throne? If it were up to the public, they would choose Prince William (King) and Kate Middleton (Queen) to take the throne of England and become the next King and Queen. The latest poll by Panelbase indicates that more than half of residents in the United Kingdom would like to see Prince William take the crown. To be fair, 40 percent of those polled want Prince Charles to success Queen Elizabeth II. (Those must be all of the old fogies that were polled). Unfortunately, it’s not up to a voting process. That is why it is called a monarchy!

According to tradition (because with the Royals, everything goes according to tradition), the heir to the throne goes to the first-born male. Always! The first born male takes precedence. If that heir has a male child, then he jumps next in line, regardless of their fathers siblings. If there is another son born, then that child is considered back up. Here is how it lays out now in succession:

  1. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Prince Charles
  3. Prince William
  4. Will’s younger brother, Harry
  5. Then comes Chuck’s younger brother, Andrew
  6. And his kids—Beatrice and
  7. Eugenie
  8. Followed by the Charles’s next youngest sibling, Edward, his progeny, and so on and so on.

Will the Royals ever get with the times and have a woman stand in line for the throne? I doubt it. But, it’s quite possible that Prince William and Kate Middleton will see the throne at some point in their lifetime.



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  1. kate middelton is so hot

  2. Poor Kate I know I hate when people not only take pictures of you when you’re drunk but then go and post them on FAcebook, it’s like are you serious why would you ever think i want that online for my friends and family to see and this poor girl has the entire WORLD looking at her pictures.

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