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CJ Watson Joins Floyd Mayweather Josie Harris Attack Craziness

Posted by on September 14, 2010 at 7:07 PM EST

floyd mayweather cj watsonThe plot thickens for Floyd Mayweather in his alleged attack of ex-girlfriend Josie Harris adding C.J. Watson in affair.

Today new information has surfaced that Floyd Mayweather attacked ex-girlfriend Josie Harris because of an alleged affair she was having with Chicago Bulls star C.J Watson. Reports say that Mayweather saw text messages from Watson to Harris on her phone (the same phone he is accused of stealing) and he confronted her about it. When he asked her if she was having sex with C.J she reportedly responded, “Yes, that is who I am seeing now.”

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The plot surrounding Floyd Mayweather’s alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend is starting to thicken. Floyd Mayweather was arrested September 10th on charges of felony theft following a domestic violence complaint filed by his ex-girlfriend – and mother of three of his children – Josie Harris. He was booked and quickly released on a $3,000 bond.

This sent Floyd Mayweather into a rage. The police report shows Mayweather’s son told the police that he saw his dad on top of his mom hitting and kicking her. In the report Josie Harris claims that Mayweather was screaming at her, telling her, “I’m going to kill you and the man you’re messing around with.” He also stated, “I’m going to have you both disappear.

C.J Watson has now come forward and said that he has never, nor will ever, date Josie Harris. He claims that their relationship is strictly a professional one. She has done some event planning for him in the past and that is the extent of their relationship. Multiple sources confirm that the only relationship that Watson is in is with his long time girlfriend and mother of his child Danielle.

Watson’s father Charles has stated, “C.J. would never do anything like that to Mayweather [Jr.] … he doesn’t need that.

Harris was treated at the hospital on the day of the alleged attack for minor facial injuries and a sore arm. It is also reported that Floyd Mayweather has contacted Josie Harris’ friend, Georgia Parker, who lives with Harris in the house and told her to get out.

Harris has filed for a restraining order and no further charges beyond the theft of the phone have been filed. Mayweather denies all the charges and allegations and claims he didn’t touch her and has said that the lost phone was simply her misplacing it. We are waiting to see the next twist in this crazy plot.



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