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Dancing with the Stars 2011: Kendra vs. Kirstie Alley

Posted by on April 12, 2011 at 8:43 PM EST

kendra wilkinsonKendra, Kirstie Alley, Romeo ended up in the bottom three on DWTS last night (April 11, 2011).

Last night on Dancing with the Stars we saw some good dancing and some not so good dancing. Here are my picks for last night’s bottom three losers which turned out to be Romeo, Kendra and Kirstie Alley.

Kendra Wilkinson seems like a nice girl, but it also seems like she has little interest or ability to do the ballroom dancing. She dreaded having to do the Viennese waltz and even tried to connect with it by giving it a mobster theme. In the end she just didn’t seem that interested or connected to it and her dance was pretty mundane.  She ended up with an 18 which put her in last place on the DWTS scoreboard.

Romeo improved this week. He was focused and powerful and seemed to be determined to do the dance well. He also got his best score of the season so far with a 23. His problem is that he is annoying to me. He basically uses the entire post dance interview with Brooke Burke to plug his products. Last week it was his new album, this week it was his record label and Twitter account. I also think the audience is having a little trouble connecting to him. I get the feeling he is more interested in plugging his products than actually winning the competition.

Last up for me is Kirstie Alley. I know some people will disagree with me here and think Sugar Ray should be in here, but they were only one point apart in the scoring. Kirstie’s partner Maksim seemed to be recovered from his leg issue last week that caused them to fall. This week in rehearsals it was Kirstie Alley that had hip problems. She made a dramatic event of letting us know that she didn’t want to dance a grandma dance that she wanted him to choreograph her a dance just like she were a 25 year old. The problem was she did a grandma dance. Sure, she had that odd moment where her shoe came off, but they recovered well from that. The problem is, she seemed to just walk around waving her arms for most of the dance. It just wasn’t that good. Her 22 has her in the middle of the pack.

These three (Romeo,Kendra, Kirstie Alley), in my eyes, were the losers on this week’s Dancing with the Stars. Tune in tonight at 9PM on ABC to watch the live results show and find out if one of these three gets sent home tonight.



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