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Dancing With The Stars Results: Kirstie Alley, Romeo Voted Off?

Posted by on April 12, 2011 at 8:41 PM EST

dwts romeoWill Kirstie Alley or Romeo be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars tonight?

This week on Dancing with the Stars we saw the good, the bad and the odd. We saw some dancers get their best scores of the season (Chelsea Kane) and others continue to sink down (Romeo) in the standings. And then there was Kirstie Alley. After last week’s fall, this week she lost a shoe mid-routine. The big question on everyone’s mind is: “Who will go home tonight?”

For me the Dancing with the Stars elimination comes down to three pretty obvious choices. Kendra Wilkinson, Romeo and Kirstie Alley are essentially the bottom of the barrel. You could also toss Sugar Ray Leonard into that pile and he wouldn’t be too out of place. I leave him out though because he did well this week and seems like a guy who is very interested in learning and competing whereas Romeo seems to mostly be interested in plugging his different products.

In the end I think Kirstie Alley will get a pass because of the shoe thing and Sugar Ray Leonard is a well-known guy and will survive at least another week. This brings it down to Kendra Wilkinson and Romeo. At this point it could be either of them. I think Kendra is the better known of the two and she has a lot of fans, but good looking girls often end up voted out early on DWTS so she has that going against her. However, Romeo has been out of the mainstream spotlight for a while now and while he does seem to want to get better scores he seems to want it for the wrong reasons. Therefore, I have a feeling it will be Romeo who gets voted out of Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Tune in tonight at 9PM on ABC to watch the live Dancing With The Stars results show and see for yourself who gets sent packing and whose shoes Jimmy Kimmel will burn.



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