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Chris Jericho: Dancing With The Stars’ Cupid

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 7:41 PM EST

chris jericho dwtsChris Jericho is the Dancing With The Stars renaissance man.

Chris Jericho kicks ass in the WWE wrestling ring. He is the lead singer in a heavy metal band. He dances on the Dancing with the Stars 2011 competition. He has written two books about his life in wresting and now he has taken on the mantle of Cupid. You might say Chris Jericho is a renaissance man.

As a dancer it took a little time for Chris Jericho to get his feet under him. He and his partner Cheryl Burke had a few issues because he is so muscular and big that he had some trouble figuring out how to make certain moves look graceful. His first week’s score put him in the middle of the pack, but by the second week Chris had it down and found himself tied for first.

Last week on Dancing with the Stars he did well enough to be in the upper part of the pack, but still got a scare when he was one of the last dancers to be pronounced as safe.

It appears that dancing isn’t the only think that Chris Jericho is doing while on DWTS. As it turns out a friend of his is also friends with recent American Idol castoff Pia Toscano. Pia’s friend told Chris that she has a crush on DWTS pro Mark Ballas so Chris jumped in and played cupid by getting Pia’s phone number and passing it on to Mark who called her and took her to dinner over the weekend.

Matchmaking aside, it is a Classical Week on Dancing with the Stars so Chris Jericho is going to have to focus and really bring his best if he wants to continue to score high and stick around. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to watch Chris hit the floor and get his classical groove on.



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