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Russell Brand Takes Up Croquet

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 7:19 PM EST

katy perry russell brandRussell Brand picks up a new hobby!

A very mellowed out Russell Brand has been spotted wearing a vintage cardigan and wielding what appears to be a luxury-brand croquet mallet. Brand, who was once known for being a drugged out womanizer, appears to have done a 180 after having married Katy Perry.

“There’s something exciting about croquet…the sport is able to bring color and vitality to an otherwise grey and conventional life. In a nutshell, croquet is controversial,” Russell Brand explained recently, upon being asked about his latest hobby.

And what does Katy Perry think about Russell Brand’s latest quirky indulgence? “I definitely prefer him putting on the grass than putting around the house!” Perry exclaims. “It’s not exactly something that holds my interest the way it does for my Russie Bear, but whatever makes him happy!”

Indeed, since the couple’s marriage, Russell Brand has shunned the traditionally provocative in favour of things that some might perceive to be-well-dull! But Brand is particularly sensitive when approached about his latest fancy. “I know that a lot of people think croquet is boring, but how many people do you know have actually tried croquet? The Queen of Hearts played croquet in Alice and Wonderland for a reason. And you don’t need pink flamingos for pink flamingo fun.”

This article was written entirely in jest but is not intended to insult Russell Brand or Katy Perry in any manner.



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