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Nene Leakes on ‘Apprentice’: Latoya Jackson Looks Like “Casper”

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 5:35 PM EST

latoya jacksonNeNe Leakes gets pissed off at Latoya Jackson.

The new episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” started out with Marlee Matlin getting give her donation of $1 million dollars to her charity. The representative from her charity seemed genuinely shocked and said it was the single biggest gift they had ever gotten. Marlee said she was happy because she came on the show to make history and had done so. It ended with a blowout between Nene Leakes and Latoya Jackson but we will get to that in a bit.

Donald Trump then meets the teams and tells them that the new task will be to design a display box that would go outdoors. Inside the box would be an advertising display for Australian Gold suntan lotion and sunscreen. They would also have to create a marketing promotion that went on outside the box and drew attention to the product and brand. The men picked Mark McGrath and the women picked Latoya Jackson as project managers.

Right from the start, as they have had all season on Celebrity Apprentice, the women had issues. LaToya was certain the women wanted to get rid of her and wouldn’t work hard for her. The problem was she had no idea how to lead and couldn’t come up with a concept. Eventually they came up with the concept of hot girl painted gold in a bikini on the beach with a guy also covered in gold fanning her. On their team is Hope Dworaczyk who is 2010’s Playboy Playmate of the Year. She volunteers to be in a bikini and painted gold but Latoya turns her down and says she needs her to focus on other things.

The Celebrity Apprentice men are certain that the women will use Hope so they want to combat that with babes of their own. Mark McGrath comes up with the idea of pirates. Inside the box will be gold and two bikini babes painted gold and plenty of lotion. Outside the guys will be dressed as pirates and pulling people in to see the “treasure.” It is a risk, but that is what the guys do, they take risks and McGrath knows he is likely doomed if they fail. During the meeting with the executives from Australian Gold one of them explains how it is a great product for families and kids. Gary Busey then announces, “It makes you feel sexual.” Both executives look horrified.

The men work well together. Busey is so useless that they actually designate someone to babysit him and give him tasks where he can’t bother anyone. They get their costumes together, build their box and even write a pirate chant.

The Celebrity Apprentice women are not having such an easy time. At the end of day one nobody even really knows what the theme is. The second day, the day of the presentation, LaToya Jackson comes in changing things up. She had an idea last night to add in a snow section and volleyball net. They haul ass and barely get things done. It doesn’t look that great, but it is functioning.

The men have a slick, impressive looking display and are pulling in a lot of people. As the executives of the company stop by they seem to think the women’s display is pretty good. At the men’s display things go off the rails when Gary Busey gets a hold of them. For a minute he is charming and funny and they seem amused by him then it gets creepy. McGrath tries to step in and get them away, but Busey actually pushes him out of the way. He then offers to be the spokesperson for the suntan lotion and explains how it makes him feel sexy. They look like they don’t know what to do and finally the rest of the crew runs over and performs the jingle to rescue them from Busey.

In the boardroom Nene Leakes attacks LaToya Jackson and the women say she was not a very good project manager. Trump wants to know why they didn’t use Hope in this task and she points out that she offered to do it. Latoya just said she had other things for her to do. The Celebrity Apprentice guys thought Mark was great and Mark says he takes full responsibility for the theme of their display. As it turns out the executives thought both teams did a good job, but they didn’t like the pirate theme so the women win.

The men pile on Busey saying he is a loose cannon and he is hard to work with. Even Trump’s kids seem to suggest that they have seen him having problems. Trump tells Mark to choose two people to bring back with him into the boardroom. He tells them he can only choose one, Gary, the rest were all great.

Back in the waiting area the women bicker. LaToya Jackson and Nene Leakes are going at it and Nene tells LaToya that she is only there because of her last name. She also calls her an old lady and tells her she should act her age and not like a kid.

Gary is offended that Mark is taking him into the boardroom with him and is pissed saying that he never did any of these things. He clearly doesn’t even remember them. The two men return to the boardroom and Trump tells Mark that he was the project manager and he took responsibility for the theme. Mark agrees and says if the sole reason they lost was the theme, he should be fired, but Busey is killing the team and probably hurt them by holding the executives hostage. After some arguing Trump finally tells them that while he thinks Busey is the weakest person on the team McGrath did take responsibility for the theme of their display and that was what cost them the win so Mark McGrath is fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

As they leave the boardroom Trump chastises Busey and tells him he needs to straighten up. It looks like a father scolding his son. It is pretty clear now that Trump is keeping Busey around as long as possible simply for entertainment value and the men are sick of him.



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