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American Idol “OWNS” Pia Toscano

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 1:29 PM EST

pia toscano albumHold the phone! Pia Toscano may not be allowed to release an album with Interscope!

According to PopEater, Pia Toscano is still OWNED by “American Idol,” despite being eliminated from the competition last Thursday night. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that despite all of these rumors of Interscope records signing Pia, they are false, to an extent. Yes, Interscope does want to sign Pia Toscano to their label but American Idol’s contract strictly forbids that from happening. For the remainder of the show and while the Idol goes out on their Summer Tour, Pia is NOT allowed to do anything. Talk about a killjoy; do you think American Idol’s 19 Entertainment will let Pia sign with Interscope?

Something tells me that since 19 Entertainment OWNS Pia Toscano and has first crack at her album deal, they will tell Interscope to get lost. I mean why would they want Pia to be successful on her own? For the sake of American Idol, they better not deny Pia a record deal with Interscope or shit will most certainly hit the fan. People are already up in arms about Pia being eliminated this early in the competition and denying her a career will further add fuel to that fire.

I hope Idol execs allow Pia Toscano to sign with Interscope; if not be prepared for World War III my friends.



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