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Jenn Sterger to Brett Favre “I’m Back!”

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 11:39 AM EST

jenn stergerJust when Brett Favre thought the Jenn Sterger debacle was over; it’s back!

Jenn Sterger, do you all remember that name? You know the lovely New York Jets reporter that Brett Favre “allegedly” sent pictures of his penis to. Well, it seems like after last years NFL investigation and Favre fine, she was not satisfied. Since then Sterger has been forgotten amidst the 2011 NFL Lockout; that is until now. Jenn Sterger is back and you better believe she still holds a grudge on Mr. Favre.

Hot Jenn Sterger Photo Gallery!

It looks like Jenn Sterger will be heading to Good Morning America tomorrow (April 12, 2011) and Wednesday (April 13, 2011) to finally answer in-depth and albeit rather penetrating questions about Brett Favre‘s penis. It looks like Sterger wants more money as she has decided to bring up this nonsense yet again. We have never been able to prove all of the shit she said so to me this is just her trying to get more attention. In my opinion Jenn Sterger should have just let it go when the NFL fined Brett Favre.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch and say I’m a pig; I am really not. If they were to have proven Brett Favre did the crap she claims he did, I’d side with Jenn Sterger 100%. That being said, Sterger is just trying to make a payday by crucifying one of the great NFL quarterbacks; give it a rest!

Make sure you tune in to Good Morning America tomorrow to see the Jenn Sterger interview!



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