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Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Gary Busey’s Sexual Gold

Posted by on April 11, 2011 at 11:17 AM EST

celebrity apprentice australian goldIs Gary Busey still in the competition for ratings sake?

Come on. Gary Busey is off his rocker.  Does he really know what he is doing and likes to fool others by putting on this dumb and crazy persona?  He does seem to keep it together during board room meetings with “The Donald.”   Last nights Celebrity Apprentice shows the teams having to market and promote sunscreen brand “Australian Gold” as their project.  LaToya Jackson was the team leader for the girls, and Mark McGrath was the team leader for the guys.

Gary Busey got out of hand, as he usually does, and spoke to an executive from the Australian Gold company while promoting their product.  While speaking to the executive, he tells her the sunscreen makes him feel sexual.  His teammates were quick to point this out to Donald Trump and try to throw Busey under the bus.  Meatloaf had quite a bit to say, which much passion behind it, about how annoying Busey can be and how they are forced to work with him.  Meatloaf also added that Busey was a big liability to the team, and Lil’ Jon stepped in to tell Busey to shut up.  The board room got heated, everyone ganging up on Busey, but it was Mark McGrath’s big mouth that got him in trouble.

Before it was revealed which team won this week’s project, Mark McGrath stated that if his team didn’t win solely based on the concept, he would be the one to be fired because he was the project manager and he came up with the concept to market and promote the sunscreen.

In the end, after all of the complaining and attempted hanging they tried to do on Gary Busey, McGrath got the “you’re fired” from the Donald.

That wasn’t the only fighting going on.  Before the girls’ team left, Trump told Nene Leakes to apologize to her project manager, LaToya Jackson. Not only did she not apologize, but she let Jackson have it.  She told Jackson that the only reason why she was famous was because of her family and also told her she looked like Casper the Ghost.  She also told her she was an old lady, she needed to act her age and quit acting like she was 12.

There is a lot more Gary Busey to come next week on a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice.



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