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Betty White Disses Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Cheen

Posted by on April 9, 2011 at 8:02 PM EST

betty white lilo cheenGetting disssed by Betty White? Wow, now that’s BAD! But Lindsay and Charlie had it coming.

Betty White recently told London’s Daily Mail that she cannot stand celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Lindsay’s response? “Wow!” Lohan says that she has always been a fan of Betty’s, but is a bit perplexed regarding her public opinions about others. Lindsay adds especially because she is a grown woman.

White made those comments after the Daily Mail asked her what she thought about today’s celebrities.  Betty White went on to say that they are unprofessional, they party too much, they don’t learn their lines and they grumble about everything. White feels today’s celebrities are ungrateful. She cannot stand to see celebrities get a good start in show business and then abuse it like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie sheen. She also commented that there were plenty of others too. (So Lindsay, don’t feel singled out!)

Charlie Sheen has not commented on Betty White’s comments. Thank goodness. I don’t think his reaction would be quite as calm as Lindsay Lohan’s was.

What do you think of Betty White’s comments? I think she hit the head on the nail. These young celebrities are completely irresponsible. I had my 10 year old ask me what “rehab” was. And why did Lindsay Lohan go to rehab. So much of these celebrities use excuses for their behavior and don’t appreciate what has been given to them. So I’m with Betty White on this one. Put on your big girl pants Lindsay and act like a responsible adult.

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