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Teenage Girls Control American Idol

Posted by on April 8, 2011 at 5:28 PM EST

american idol teensTeeny bopper girls run American Idol!

When it comes to American Idol, it is good to be a guy. The reason? The show is basically controlled by teenage girls and they clearly don’t like seeing other women anywhere near the objects of their affection. So they vote them out.

The evidence is pretty clear. It does not pay to be a girl on American Idol. Take Season 9 for example. When the top 12 finalist were revealed there were seven girls and five guys. Five weeks later when they were down to the top 7 finalists all five guys were still in it, but there were only two girls left and one of them was voted out the following week. Sure, Crystal Bowersox did survive until the final two, but she was lucky to have survived the earlier rounds.

We can even look at Season 8 as another example. When the final 13 were announced there were 5 girls and 8 guys. A few weeks later when they were down to the top five there was only one girl left.

Maybe all of this is just dumb luck, but it seems like the last three American Idol seasons have been dominated by the guys. All three of the last winners were guys an in the last three seasons we have only seen one girl make it to finals.  More telling is that we are heading in that direction again this year. Pia Toscano being voted off last night fired a warning shot across the American Idol bow that it doesn’t matter how good you sing, if you are a girl and you slip up at all you are in grave danger of going home.

With this season of American Idol it has been open season on the girls.  The top 13 had seven girls in it. Since then there has not been a guy voted off and we are down to just two girls left.

How does this happen? It’s pretty simple actually. Teenage girls and their moms love the show. The American Idol demographics skew heavily female and attract a huge younger audience. You need only look at the live audience each week to see it for yourself. Except for the friends and families of the contestants and the odd celeb who is there to plug something the entire crowd is teenage girls. When American Idol started allowing text message voting it put the fate of the contestants heavily into the hands of these girls. Girls love to text, they are skilled at it and now they can text and vote over and over again while still doing other things.

I’m not saying guys don’t watch the show, they do. There are just not nearly as many of them and it appears that they don’t vote nearly as often.

It wasn’t that long ago that Rolling Stone did a big expose on how pop culture in this country is controlled by teenage girls. The reasons given were that these girls now have more disposable income than ever before, they are brand lawyer, follow trends and tend to work in groups. If one girl buys a shirt by Aeropostale chances are her friends will as well. While it may not be the same shirt, it will be the same brand and same basic style. That kind of buying power speaks volumes and advertisers spend hundreds of millions each year advertising directly to teenage girls. It seems now that these girls have further reached out and added American Idol to the list of things they control.

So I say let the warning be heard. If you are a girl on American Idol you had better sing your ass off and figure out how to connect with the girls in the audience or you will be gone and somehow Stefano will still be hanging around.



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