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American Idol Shocker! [POLL]

Posted by on April 8, 2011 at 9:44 AM EST

iggy popLast night American Idol aired a shocking elimination result.

America, did you vote? Apparently not for Pia Toscano.  Last night’s elimination show on American Idol surprised a lot of people.  The bottom three were Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, and Stefano Langone.  Ryan sent Jacob to the couches after announcing he was safe.  I would have bet a load of money that Stefano would have been the one going home.  Ryan made the announcement and there was a huge gasp coming from the audience.  The judges were stunned.  J. Lo was chocked up and could barely get any words out when Ryan asked for her opinion.  Randy Jackson reiterated how important it is to vote and this was a perfect example as to what can happen when you don’t.

The night started out with the American Idol Top 9 contestants singing a medley of rock and roll songs.  A little cheesy for me and Haley Rinehart’s voice cracked from the get go during her solo portion of the song.  (I can’t believe this chick is still around, she stinks). They showed clips of Gwen Stefani helping the girls with their wardrobe for the live performance on Wednesday night.  They also show clip of comedian Russell Brand advising the contestants on how to move and work the stage.  Constantine Maroulis sang a unique rendition of Unchained Melody.  I liked it, up until he started talking with Ryan Seacrest after the song.  They should have taken the mic away from him at that point.

Towards the end of the show, and before the final announcement of who was going to be eliminated from American Idol, Rock icon Iggy Pop performed.  Shirtless!  How old is this guy?  From far away, I’d have to say, not bad for a man his age.  But when you got close up, that whole creepy skin thing was too much to handle.  I think he scared J. Lo a little bit when he sang right in her face!

Pia Toscano has an amazing voice.  She needed to step away from the ballads and show herself a bit more.  She’ll do well, no doubt.  Remember Jennifer Hudson?  She was eliminated as well and went on to much success.  So all of you Pia fans out there, first let me say this.  Shame on you for not voting.  Secondly, no fears, I’m confident you will see Pia again.

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