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DVR Removals: Glee, American Idol, House

Posted by on April 8, 2011 at 9:36 AM EST

houseDVR is killing off our favorite shows.

When The Buggles sang, “video killed the radio star,” it might have been a little premature because even with video and downloads and tons of internet outlets there is still nothing like heavy radio play when it comes to success as a musician. However, in the world of TV the DVR has killed and is killing some TV shows like Glee, “American Idol” and House.

These days between all the dozens, if not hundreds of TV channels out there it is almost impossible to watch all the TV shows you like when they air. I actually think it might be a conspiracy that they seem to air everything I like all at the same time. Luckily, we have the DVR. The problem is that DVRing can be a blessing and curse for some TV shows. If you have a ton of DVR viewers it can help, because it shows you have a larger audience that you may be able to sell DVDs of each season of a show to and so on. Also if the show is on a premium channel like HBO or Showtime, DVRing is good because it means people are watching and paying for the channel. However, if you only have a moderate amount of DVR viewers it can hurt a show (House, American Idol, Glee). The advertisers essentially don’t care much for DVR viewers because they fast forward past the commercials. This means DVRing your favorite show instead of watching it when it airs might actually be hurting that show because you really aren’t considered a quality viewer. Add in that DVRs have limitations. There is only so much you can record/watch at once. This means choices have to be made and some shows don’t make the cut. The only thing worse than having a moderate amount of DVR viewers is losing those viewers all together. A poll out today shows the top three shows that people were DVRing, but have started cutting in favor of other shows.

The #3 most cut show is American Idol. This makes sense because it is a huge show that often runs four hours per week. Add in that the results show is basically 55 minutes of filler while we wait around for the last five minutes to see who gets voted off. These days with information traveling so fast you can find out the results minutes after the show finishes airing so there is no need to watch. I live on the west coast. The results show will be over tonight at 9PM EST. I will be able to find out who got voted out within minutes of that and two hours before the show even airs on the west coast. So that show can easily be cut.

The #2 most cut show is Glee. The reason most respondents gave was that they felt the character development is just getting worse and worse. They like the singing and they love the stars, but the writing is no longer doing it for them.

The #1 most cut show from people’s DVR list is House. Most people who responded to the poll claim that the show, now in its 7th season, has just run out of steam. Others say they feel like they are just being jerked around for the sake of keeping the show going which makes the plot go off in crazy directions.

While I’m sure Glee and American Idol are not in any danger of being canceled any time soon, this could single the beginning and of the end for House. When viewers switch from watching a show as it airs to DVRing it, it hurts the show, but once they cut it from their DVR list chances are they are done with the show and are not coming back.

If you like a show, make sure to watch it as it airs. That is the only way to guarantee you are counted as a viewer, otherwise advertisers don’t care much about you and when they stop caring about you, they stop caring about the shows you like [Glee, House, American Idol] and move on to shows people watch instead of DVR.



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