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American Idol Top 9 Elimination Predictions

Posted by on April 7, 2011 at 7:31 PM EST

paul mcdonald 2011My elimination predictions for tonight’s American Idol live results show.

Tonight at 8PM on FOX we will find out who the next contestant voted out of American Idol Season 10. After this week we will be down to just eight and things will start to get more and more interesting. There are clearly some very good singers on American Idol and there are some who are just hanging around. I have a feeling we will be getting rid of those hangers on in the next few weeks and then the competition will really get heated. Goodbye Stefano!

It is hard to predict who will be in the bottom three this week, but I have a few guesses that I think are pretty safe.  I predict that Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone will land in the bottom three. Both have been there before and neither did very well this week. I personally think Paul is a better singer and performer than Stefano, but he hasn’t been that great over the last few weeks.

The third American Idol finalist to join them will be either Haley Reinhart or Jacob Lusk. Haley has come on strong in the last few weeks, but this week may have actually done her a disservice. After the American Idol judges have spent the whole season comparing her to Janice Joplin she did Joplin’s “Piece of my Heart” and showed that she really isn’t Joplin. However, she might have been good enough to keep herself alive another week. Jacob, on the other hand, seemed to implode this week. First he changed songs, but his new song choice seemed odd to me. Then he basically said it will be America’s fault if he gets voted out this week. Then he broke out the odd hip thrusts during his song and it all seemed creepy, strange and just off. I have a feeling it might just be enough to send him to the bottom three.

In the end I think it will come down to Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald in the bottom two and Stefano’s luck will run out and he will be sent home.

That is my prediction for how this week’s American Idol results show will go. Tune in tonight and see if I am right, or a million miles off base.



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