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Kristin Cavallari Leaves The Hills And Tackles Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler

Posted by on September 14, 2010 at 2:05 PM EST

kristin cavallari jay cutlerKristin Cavallari has left The Hills to take on the Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler.

You will not see Kristin Cavallari going out for a pass or scoring a touchdown anytime soon in the NFL. However Cavallari will be dabbling in the affairs of the NFL. The former star of MTV’s hit show,  The Hills is rumored to be dating, Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler.

The Chicago Bears are 8 1/2 point favorites over the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at 1pm.

Jay Cutler, who’s Chicago Bears, magically pulled off a victory this Sunday against the Detroit Lions, was spotted having lunch with The Hills star, Kristin Cavallari. I guess since The Hills has officially gone off the air, Kristin is in need of some money to feed her various addictions. I guess for Kristen Cavallari it was go big or go home, as setting her sights on an NFL star quarterback was a smart move. She will now have an endless amount of money to buy new clothes, cars and maybe even some drugs on the side.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kristin Cavallari, let’s give you a quick crash course. Cavallari was first introduced as LC’s (Lauren Conrad) nemesis on the hit MTV show Laguna Beach. The show Laguna Beach went off the air and The Hills began it’s broadcasting. The transition from Laguna Beach to The Hills brought Kristin Cavallari out of a supporting role into the spotlight. For Cavallari this major role reversal and fame hit the reality star hard.

As The Hills progressed on MTV, we watched as Kristin Cavallari fell into a downward spiral. Cavallari became addicted to drugs and was constantly showing up late to the set of The Hills. Castmates of The Hills confronted Cavallari about her problem but she refused to admit that anything was wrong.

It is ironic that Kristin Cavallari is dating Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, because earlier this year she was at the Super Bowl, completely wasted, asking strangers where she could score some cocaine.

The Hills, has since ended and Kristin Cavallari is said to have kicked her drug addiction. For the sake of Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears, let’s hope that this is in fact true.  The last thing the Bears need is for their star quarterback to be dealing with a drug-addicted, ex-reality star lunatic instead of focusing on the 2010 NFL season.

I wonder how Jay Cutler feels about the Steamy Kristin Cavallari Photo Shoot that recently hit the internet.

We wish Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler the best of luck with their newly rumored relationship.

Sunday’s Odds from Bet Us:

Chicago Bears: +8 1/2 (-110)

Dallas Cowboys: -8 1/2 (+110)

Over/Under 41 (-110)



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