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How Women Killed Tiger’s Game

Posted by on April 7, 2011 at 1:14 PM EST

tiger woodsWill Tiger Woods ever recover from his infamous affairs?

Did Tiger Woods’ extramarital affairs play a part in the disintegration of his game? Tiger Woods is no longer looked at as a formidable foe in the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if Tiger Wood’s confidence took a major hit, after it was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife with tons of women.

Now, not only is his game with women destroyed, but so is his game on the green. Tiger Woods has not won a single golf tournament in 17 months. He used to be number 1, but now he is at number 7 in the world. The controversy that surrounded Woods’ flings and affairs with various women was enough to critically injure Tiger’s sponsorships, his public profile, and ultimately, his game.

Tiger Woods’ peers, like Graeme McDowell, have also chimed in about how they are no longer intimidated by Woods. According to McDowell, “It’s fair to say being paired with him would have affected me a lot more a year ago than it does now. I feel like I’ve played with him enough now to where it’s pretty normal.”




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