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Tina Fey Pregnant: 30 Rock Cancelled!

Posted by on April 7, 2011 at 10:17 AM EST

tina feyTina Fey announces that she is pregnant and 30 Rock may be cancelled.

Yesterday we reported that the hit NBC show, 30 Rock may be coming to an end. Today, creator and star of the show, Tina Fey (40-years-old) has announced that she is 5 months pregnant! Fey already has a 5-year-old daughter so this will mark her second child. While the news of 30 Rock being cancelled sucks, we are extremely happy for Tine Fey and her baby on board.

Does Tina Fey being pregnant have anything to do with 30 Rock coming to an end? It might I mean, with two children I could see how writing for and starring in a hit show could be a little overwhelming. NBC claims that the final season of the show will be shot in the Fall and it will come to an end in 2012. We hope it is just a rumor but if it isn’t, it has been one hell of a wild ride on 30 Rock. Again, congratulations are in order for Tina Fey who just announced that she is pregnant with baby #2!

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