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American Idol 2011: Casey Abrams the Comeback Kid!

Posted by on April 6, 2011 at 7:51 PM EST

casey abramsCasey Abrams is definitely the comeback kid on American Idol 2011.

Tonight on American Idol 2011 the remaining contestants will sings songs from artists who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This should be right up Casey Abrams’ alley. Casey has been on a little bit of shaky ground the last couple of weeks. After surviving a very dramatic event where he was voted off only to be saved by the judges he cut his hair, trimmed his beard and redeemed himself last week. Casey Abrams avoided the bottom three last week and will be looking to gain on that momentum and prove he is back to being one of the favorites in the competition.

A good rock song should really revive him and give Casey Abrams a chance to bring that old growling wild-man back out for another run. I think he won’t go as crazy as he did on the Nirvana song a few weeks back, but I think he will pick something interesting that will allow him to bring some energy, but still allow him to show off the power in his voice. I would love to see him do something by Neil Young like “Rockin’ in the Free World.’ Casey Abrams could use a song like that to bring a little attitude to the American Idol 2011 stage and use it to really shine.



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