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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Wendy Williams Wanted to Go Home!

Posted by on April 6, 2011 at 3:03 PM EST

wendy williams tony dovolaniWendy Williams is happy to have been kicked off of Dancing With the Stars.

Wendy Williams says she is pleased to be leaving Dancing With The Stars after being eliminated last night.  I bet her partner Tony Dovolani is very pleased as well.  It seemed as though Tony never really “warmed” up to the talk show host and personality extraordinaire.  Williams was voted off in the second week of competition.  No surprise there.  I have more rhythm and musicality in my little pinky than Ms. Williams had in her ENTIRE body.

Wendy Williams stated that the six weeks she has spent rehearsing and performing for Dancing With The Stars had taken a toll on her personal life.  She said she is ready to get back to her regular routine.  She said that she has neglected her 10 year old son and her 12 year old marriage.  Oh, and not to leave out, her talk show.  Lord knows, her talk show needs the attention, because it stinks.

Wendy Williams was asked about what she’ll miss about her partner, Tony.  She didn’t give a straight forward answer, but replied that she will miss him telling her to stand up straight.  She added that a woman of her age, and nearing osteoporosis, it was a good daily reminder to have.  Really?  Seems to me that there will be no love loss on either side.  Poor Tony, he seems like such a nice guy.  Why stick him with her as a partner?  The guy knew he didn’t have a chance in hell from the get go I bet. Maybe Wendy will have more time to get more plastic surgery done as well.



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