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Celebrity Pets in the News

Posted by on April 6, 2011 at 12:57 PM EST

amanda bynes puppyAmanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl make headlines due to their pets.

There have been a lot of headlines recently about celebrities and their pooches [Charlie Sheen], but perhaps the most heartbreaking is the recent news that Amanda Bynes’ 4-month-old puppy, “Little Angel” has passed away.

The little Pomeranian was carefully searched for, and Amanda Bynes used Twitter to get the word out when Angel went missing. “If anyone finds her I beg you to contact me thru Twitter, I will give a reward. She means the world to me & I can’t find her anywhere.” On Tuesday, the star tweeted, “Sad day…Little Angel is in heaven now. RIP I love you.”

The incident is akin to when Charlie Sheen’s beloved black pug, Betty died. She was a lot older than Amanda Bynes’ pooch (at 11 years old), but Sheen clearly loved the dog a lot, as he had a large photograph of her hanging on his wall, and is clearly distressed as he conveyed the news via live video feed. “Now she’s in another dimension, flashing her razor fangs, making her owner, her master proud,” Sheen quietly said.

In happier celeb pet news, Katherine Heigl has recently saved a pit bull. The dog, who Heigl named “Rufus,” was being used as bait in dog fights. Now he will surely lead a much happier life.



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