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Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Premiere with Justin Bieber!

Posted by on April 4, 2011 at 8:21 PM EST

justin bieber fantasy factoryJustin Bieber takes part in the Fantasy Factory Season 4 premiere tonight!

Tonight marks the premiere of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 4, and this fourth season has fans revved up and chomping at the bit for more. There’s a whole lot going down in the recently released season 4 trailer, but let’s focus on what you can expect from tonight’s episode.

The first episode of Fantasy Factory has an ultra-special guest appearance by none other than Justin Bieber. If you’re not a fan, try not to be annoyed, as it’s a fun episode. Bieber, who is very much under the influence of Dyrdek, becomes involved in a number of shenanigans that you can’t help but laugh at.

Tonight’s episode will also have a rather scary stunt where Rob Dyrdek comes within claw’s distance of a tiger (much to the amazement of Justin Bieber)!

You will also be seeing a return of Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, who will return to the show as a regular this season. So why should you tune in tonight at 10:30 pm on MTV? A better question would be, Why not?! Justin Bieber plus tiger plus Big Black and Rob Dyrdek, should be, by a madman’s calculation, the very essence of tiger blood. It’s not something you want to miss!



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