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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Chelsea Kane, Kendra Wilkinson

Posted by on April 4, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST
chelsea kane

Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Kane and Kendra Wilkinson rename DWTS to Dancing with the Hotties!

I have a feeling that when the producers of Dancing with the Stars cast Kendra Wilkinson they assumed she would play the role of the sexy girl. [Chelsea Kane has something to say about that] To a degree she has done just that. She has worn some sexy outfits and had some very short shorts on during rehearsal, but she has come off a little more goofy and fun than raw and sexy. If nothing else she does love to shake her ass which must be giving the producers at least a little of what they wanted from her. She is sexy when she wants to be, but she doesn’t seem to be trying too hard. Almost as if she is playing down the role.

The DWTS casting is almost a science. Each person plays their role. Kendra was cast as the babe, Petra was to be the “classic” beauty with the tragic story and Chelsea Kane was the cute new kid. There is one little problem. Chelsea, as it turns out, is smoking hot.

Call it the battle of the babes. Call it Dancing with the Hotties. Call it two blonds, one dance floor. Whatever you want to call it, it is clear that Kendra is not the only hottie on the show. A lot of people didn’t know what to make of Chelsea Kane. She was one of the more unknown stars because she came from a kids TV show. As it turns out this unknown is a bombshell in the making. She has a great attitude, seems like she is genuinely having fun and has great chemistry with her partner. More importantly she is sexy without really trying to be.

You might say that Kendra is the yin to Chelsea Kane’s yang and while there is no known rivalry between them, I look forward to seeing who the public will embrace. In the past the “hot girl” often gets voted off fairly early in the season. This season on Dancing with the Stars it is hard to tell just who that hot girl is.

Tune into DWTS tonight at 8PM on ABC to see these two babes face off on the dance floor. The two have been very close when it comes to scores the first two weeks. It will be interesting to see if one of these babes takes a big step forward with a great routine to announce themselves as a real contender.



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