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Miranda Lambert’s Boobs Bust Out

Posted by on April 4, 2011 at 3:50 PM EST

Miranda Lambert was fighting back her boobs from busting out at last night’s ACM Awards.

Miranda Lambert’s music wasn’t the only thing they stole last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards show. Lambert’s boobs were busting out of her white dress as she arrived on the red carpet in Las Vegas, Nevada. I honestly don’t know how one of those bad boys didn’t pop out as they were trying really hard to.

When Miranda Lambert arrived at the ACM Awards red carpet, all I could think was “Holy Boobs, Batman!” Blake Shelton (fiancé) you are a lucky man as I am sure tons of Lambert fans would love to motorboat those beauties. Of course, congratulations are in order for Miranda as she walked away with FOUR ACM Awards last night.

Hopefully Miranda Lambert will continue to make amazing country music and will keep teasing us with her wonderful boobs as well.



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