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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Marlee Matlin vs. John Rich

Posted by on April 4, 2011 at 12:05 PM EST

celebrity apprentice 2011Last night John Rich and Marlee Matlin went head to head on the Celebrity Apprentice.

As the new episode of Celebrity Apprentice began the men were celebrating their third straight win and Dionne Warwick got fired, but not before letting NeNe Leakes know exactly how she felt about her. As the women got back to the room and everyone was talking Trump called them all back into the boardroom and told them that their next task started right then. They would be tasked to create original works of art, including each of them designing a New Era baseball hat. They would then sell this art (and the hats) at a gallery opening to raise money for their charities. The winning team would get all of the money raised for their charity. In addition the person with the best hat would win money for their charity.  The men selected John Rich and the women selected Marlee Matlin as their respective project managers.

John Rich tells the men that he expects everyone to raise money and if you don’t pull your weight he will call you out on it. Conseco tells the camera that this just isn’t possible for him; he has no contacts to call. Richard Hatch is also very nervous. Later that evening Jose Conseco meets with Trump and tells him that he got a call from his family. His dad is battling cancer and took a turn for the worst and he needs to leave the show. Donald Trump gives him $20,000 for his charity and wishes him well. The men understand why he left, but they also wonder if he just used it as an excuse to bow out and not be embarrassed on this task.

The Celebrity Apprentice teams hit the art stores and started buying supplies and right away Meat Loaf is annoyed by Gary Busey. Busey simply asks Meat if he is getting canvases for everyone and Meat tells him no, the stuff in his cart is just for him. Meat and Mark McGrath then leave the store and run to a sporting goods store to get basketball Meat plans to use in his piece and Meat complains about Busey the whole way there. When the guys get to their space Meat is missing most of his paints. He then sees what he assumes is them at Gary’s station and loses his mind. He starts cursing, builds up steam like a tea kettle and blows his top. He comes unglued, screaming, cursing and telling Gary he is going to destroy him. Celebrity Apprentice just became Fight Club. The team breaks the two up, Gary seems dumbfounded as to what is going on and then someone finds the bag with Meat’s paints in it so he was pissed off for no reason. John Rich refocuses the group and reminds them that this is about charity, not who is using who’s paints.

The guys knock out their works of art, have them loaded in the truck and are on their way to the gallery by 3:00PM because they want to avoid traffic.

The Celebrity Apprentice women are having some issues. Star seems more worried about the fact that the printer for the computer doesn’t work than about making art. They fall behind and don’t get loaded up and moving until 5:00PM. By then traffic is horrible. The men have their gallery set up and everything ready with enough time left to eat and spy on the women who haven’t even arrived yet. They guys are shocked when they find an empty studio. With less than an hour before the gallery opens the women arrive, but their art is still in route and nowhere to be seen. They are pissed at their truck driver for taking 3 hours to get across town. He finally arrives about 15 minutes before the open. They bust their butts and get things semi-setup and open up.

From the start of the Celebrity Apprentice art shows the guys have a ton of foot traffic and the deals start flowing. Mark McGrath and Lil Jon sell works for $10,000 each. Meat Loaf sells a painting for $10,000 and it all is going well. The women stumble early but come back as Marlee Matlin’s contacts start to pay off. They sell three things for $99,000 each and they are rolling. John Rich one-ups them and sells his decorated guitar for $475,000.  Both Celebrity Apprentice teams appear to have done well.

In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom Trump tells them that more money was raised on this one than during any full season total in the past. He is very impressed. He addresses the Meat Loaf incident and since the two have made up and Meat made a very heartfelt apology all seems well there. He then tells them that LaToya Jackson’s hat which was a tribute to her brother Michael Jackson was voted the best hat so she wins $20,000 for her charity. He then makes them an offer. If both project managers agree the losing team’s project manager will get to keep the money they raised for their charity. John Rich and Marlee Matlin both quickly agree to take the deal. It is announced that the men set a record and raised an astounding $628,000.  The women, however, crushed them by raising $986, 000. Trump tosses in $14,000 of his own money to make it an even $1 million raised by the women.

Because Jose left, Trump then turns it over to the Celebrity Apprentice women with a question. They have to decide if someone should be fired from the men’s team. This is another Celebrity Apprentice first. The women agree that they feel for Jose and his family, but this is business and they want to keep winning. When asked who was the worst player on their team the men agree that Richard raised the least amount of money. He admits it, but says he can contribute in many other ways. When asked who they would fire looking forward all of the men agree that Gary because of his lack of focus should be fired. Trump then asks the women and they say they feel Richard Hatch should be fired. In a moment of irony Trump points out that Hatch has spent the last four years in prison so he lacks a lot of wealthy contacts. Hatch tells Trump that he is just about to be exonerated of the charges and have the case finally put to rest. Of course, if you follow the news, you know Hatch was just sent back to jail for violating parole so I guess he wasn’t that close after all. Trump thinks Gary can focus and that he is playing dumb. He also agrees that this task was all about raising money and Richard performed the worst so he fires Richard Hatch.

Afterwards Gary thanks Marlee Matlin for defending him and Richard says that he wish he were given a chance to defend himself that he thinks he could have convinced Trump to keep him.



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