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Celebrity Apprentice Preview: April 3, 2011

Posted by on April 3, 2011 at 3:51 PM EST

celebrity apprenticePreview of tonight’s (April 3, 2011) brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

It looks like records will be broken, nerves will be shot and minds will be lost on the new episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Who will break down tonight?

The Celebrity Apprentice teams are tasked to create and sell their own art work and they appear to do a very good job of it. In a preview clip we see Star Jones talk about selling a piece for $150,000 and John Rich holds up a check for $470,000. The money in rolling in. A shot of Trump in the boardroom catches him saying that they have never raised this much money in the history of the show in an entire season much less a single episode.

But as happy as they are, all is not well. Gary Busey finally gets on Meat Loaf’s last nerve and he snaps. He screams, loses his mind and has to have other members of the Celebrity Apprentice team hold him back from attacking Busey. It is as if in a flash he turns into Bob from Fight Club and is ready to unleash his wrath on Busey who seems content to just stand and stare at Meat Loaf.

The women might not be physically fighting each other, but they aren’t without their own problems as the old traffic issues that haunted them during the pizza challenge earlier this season come back with a vengeance and threaten to leave them no art to sell as the show begins.

There have been three straight wins by the men on Celebrity Apprentice. The women better pull it together and find a way to work as a team instead of being more worried about covering their own asses or they will find themselves back in the boardroom again. Tune it tonight at 9PM on NBC to see Meat Loaf have a breakdown and find out if the women can change their losing ways.



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  1. Meatloaf needs anger management! Dionne Warwick was useless and I am glad she is gone! The show is interesting. Donald Trump was awesome to Jose! C

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