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Final Four 2011: NCAA National Championship Predictions

Posted by on April 2, 2011 at 4:51 PM EST

final four 2011Who will be victorious in the Final Four and make it to the NCAA National Championship?

This has been one of the most exciting, most intense and shock filled NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments in a long time. Every year there are teams that come out of nowhere and play Cinderella (Butler, VCU). Every year this is a big team knocked off early by one of these Cinderella’s, but for the most part those teams eventually go away and the better teams take over in the later rounds (Kentucky, UCONN). Last season there was no team ranked outside the top five in the Final Four 2011 and two of the #1 seeds were still alive in the Elite Eight. This season has been a little different.

This year the Elite Eight only saw a single #1 team left and this season there were two lower ranked teams, #8 Butler and #11 VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) still in the hut. Butler and VCU both won and joined #4 Kentucky and #3 UConn in the Final Four 2011. The match-ups are classic and yet a little disappointing. The two higher ranked teams, Kentucky and UConn will face off in one game and in the other Butler and VCU face off in the battle of Cinderella’s. It would have been cool to see both Cinderella teams have a chance to make it to the final game, but at least this way we are guaranteed to see one of them play for the national title.

If VCU can beat Butler we could see history made this weekend. Up until now the lowest ranked team to ever win the tournament and the NCAA National Championship title was #8 ranked Villanova in 1985. If VCU can finish their improbably run, they will set a new record and show the world that anything is possible.

Both Final Four 2011 games air on CBS today/tonight with VCU VS Butler up first at 6:09PM EST followed by Kentucky VS UConn at 8:49PM EST.  The NCAA National Championship game will air on CBS Monday night with a time still to be announced.

My prediction is that VCU beats Butler and Kentucky beats UConn. On Monday night I would love to see VCU continue their magical ride and finish this out, but I think they will finally come back to earth and Kentucky will be the NCAA National Champions.

Tune in tonight to see it all go down. It has been wild March Madness, the Final Four 2011 should prove to be just and crazy and fun.



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