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Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 Recap Finale Eminem, Sasha Grey and Christina Aguilera

Posted by on September 13, 2010 at 11:54 AM EST

entourage christina aguilera eminemEntourage Season 7 Episode 10 recap has you “Lose Yourself” with an Eminem brawl, Sasha Grey and Christina Aguilera.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 deliver a big finale to round out the season, last night on HBO. With guest appearances by Eminem, Sasha Grey and Christina Aguilera, Season 7 of Entourage goes out with a bang.

We kick off the finale of Entourage Season 7 with Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) missing in action. The finale of Entourage, entitled  “Lose Yourself” is an entire episode in which Vince does just that, loses himself. Amidst the search for Vince, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is still dealing with his Tequila debacle. Luckily, the tequila is not the focal point of this final episode of Entourage Season 7.

E (Kevin Connolly) also has problems of his own with his fiance, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). It turns out Sloan’s daddy, wants E to sign a prenup because he is afraid that E is only after his daughter’s money.  A minor speed bump and issue compared to what is about to happen with Vince.

Before we get into details on the Vince’s descent to rock bottom status, let’s dabble in Ari’s (Jeremy Piven) current status with his wife. In an effort to make up for last episode’s restaurant blow-up, Ari has planned a surprise birthday party in which Christina Aguilera is set to perform. Of course, Ari is left at the party, with Christina Aguilera singing but no wife. His wife calls him and says “they need a break.” Could this be the end of Ari’s marriage?

Now let’s get to the good stuff of last nights Entourage Season 7 finale.

After searching near and far for Vince, we find him at Sasha Grey’s gang bang shoot, all wired up, having not slept the previous night. A heated fight ensues and immediately after, Sasha Grey calls up E. She lets him know that Vince is in need of serious help and is on his way back to the house.

Afraid his baby brother, Vince is in serious trouble, Drama (Kevin Dillon) gathers up the gang for an intervention. Ari, E, Billy Walsh, Scott Laven (Scott Caan) and Turtle are all back at the house, waiting for Vince to arrive. Of course, Vince was not happy to see his so-called friends gang up on him and say that he has a problem with drugs. Vince storms out of the house in an utter state of disgust and disarray.

The Entourage Season 7 finale ends with a bang! We find Vince in a hotel room, snorting cocaine. He then goes to Eminem’s party and causes some ruckus. Drama, comes to get his bro, afraid that his downward spiral has reached the end. The night ends with Vince getting his ass kicked by Eminem and his bouncers.

We cut to the credit roll with Vince in the hospital, beat to shit and a cop asking if a bag of cocaine they found was his. Will Vince pull a Paris Hilton and say the bag was a friends?

The Entourage finale exceeded my expectations after a less than stellar Season 7. I actually want to tune in when the final season of Entourage airs to see what is going to happen with Vince. Will Vince end up in jail? Will Sloan and E breakup?

We will have to wait for the final season of Entourage on HBO to find out!



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