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2010 MTV Video Music Awards: A Recap Of Winners

Posted by on September 13, 2010 at 11:24 AM EST

2010 mtv video music awardsThe 2010 MTV Video Music Awards were held last night with most of the favorites in their categories winning the Moon Man trophy.

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards aired live last night with a stellar opening performance by Eminem. As expected, Lady Gaga cleaned house as she brought home many a Moon Man trophies.

Lady Gaga got the evening rolling as she won two awards that were given out during the white carpet pre-show. As she accepted the awards for Best Collaboration for her video “Telephone” featuring Beyonce and Best Dance Video for “Bad Romance”, she was flanked with members of the military who were forced to leave the military due to their coming out as gay and defying the “don’t ask don’t tell policy.” Her acceptance speech mentioned them and her opposition to this policy as well as her support for all people regardless of race or sexual orientation.

The first award of the actual show was Best Female Video and it too was won by favorite Lady Gaga for “Bad Romance”. She was still wearing the bird inspired outfit she wore as she accepted the first two awards pre-show. She gives shout-outs to those that design her clothes, her fans and all the gays that re-make home versions of her videos.

Following Best Female Video the VMA for Best Rock Video was given to 30 Seconds From Mars. For once Jared Leto seemed humble and not like a guy who is far too pleased with himself.

Eminem took home Best Male Video for his song “Not Afraid.” He apparently left right after his performance to fly to New York for a show so he was not there to accept.

Best Pop Video was next up and while I suggested that Katy Perry would win in a slight upset, Lady Gaga takes it home for “Bad Romance”. This time she was in some kind of goth/Statue of Liberty outfit that was so heavy she needed two guys to help her walk. She screams her thanks and seems genuinely moved by the award.

Following two performances Sofia Vergara presents the award for Best Hip Hop Video. This one was also taken home by Eminem. Sophie joked that she is taking it with her to Columbia so Eminem will have to come and get it from her.

To nobody’s surprise Justin Bieber won Best New Artist for “Baby.” To be honest, the kid showed skills during his performance as he sang well, danced and even sat behind the drum kit and knocked out a pretty sweet drum solo.

The final award of the evening, The Video of the Year,  was presented by Cher who was wearing the same very revealing outfit she wore in her video for “Turn Back Time” some twenty years ago. She made a joke that she is the oldest chick in the room and she has the biggest hair and is showing the most skin. Lady Gaga won the trophy for “Bad Romance.” As she made her way to the stage she was wearing an outfit made entirely out of raw meat a la her recent Vogue cover. She asked Cher to hold her meat purse then said she is very happy because she was, “so nervous for tonight that I would let my fans down.” She also makes good on the promise that if she won this award she would announce the name of her new record. Lady Gaga’s new album will be titled “Born This Way”. She followed up the announcement by singing a few lines from the title track acapella.



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